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The Benefits of using Wirehouse E-Learning Courses:

  • Saves time and money compared with face to face and group training methods.
  • The training is easier to access. Providing Health and Safety courses online mean end users can run the training anywhere at any time as long as they have internet access.
  • The training can be supported on PCs, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones.
  • High quality content – all courses are RoSPA approved.
  • Easy to manage, organise and record training via your own LMS (Learning Management System).

We offer a wide range of E-Learning courses including:

Display Screen Equipment

Everyone who regularly uses a computer legally requires computer Health and Safety training: This is also known as ‘DSE’ (Display Screen Equipment) or VDU (Visual Display Unit) training.

protocol and agenda to help with training
Whether you work with a desktop computer, laptop or handheld device, it is legally required that your employer provides training to help you understand the potential health risks of this type of work, as well as how best to avoid them.

Taking just 30 minutes to complete, our Display Screen Equipment training programme will show you how to carry out a DSE risk assessment, as well as better arrange your existing workplace equipment to minimise common negative symptoms associated with extended periods of time spent at a computer (such as eye strain, backache, etc.)

Legionella Awareness

Designed to help everyone understand the risks of exposure to Legionella bacteria, this course is particularly useful for those who are responsible for protecting an organisation from this kind of bacterial contamination; particularly people who manage, control or monitor the risk of exposure (as well as those responsible for record keeping.)

The course looks at what Legionella bacteria are and where they can be found, as well as how Legionella spreads and how these bacteria can affect health – concentrating particularly on Legionnaires’ disease and the symptoms to look out for.

First Aid Appointed Person

This course is designed to educate a designated individual within an organisation about their responsibilities as a First Aid Appointed Person.

First aid appointed person
For many smaller low risk companies, the legal minimum for first aid provision is to have someone in their company who simply looks after first aid – this is the First Aid Appointed Person. This e-learning programme explains exactly what the role of First Aid Appointed Person requires a member of staff to do, as well as introducing best practice in the event of an accident or injury at work.

Infection Prevention and Control

Infection Prevention and Control is a course that will help staff and managers in all work environments understand what they can do to prevent the spread of infections within the workplace.

Skin disorders
This programme looks at the main infections we are exposed to on a day to day basis; what they are, how they are transmitted, who is likely to catch them and most importantly how to prevent the spread of infection. This kind of training is particularly useful to those working in the Care industry where staff may be working with vulnerable people, and where infection prevention is a high priority.

Food Safety and Hygiene Level 1

It is essential that anyone who works where food is made, prepared or sold has a good understanding of food hygiene, even if they do not handle food.

Food Safety
Comprehensive Health and Safety training is a legal requirement for those working with consumables: Food Safety and Hygiene Level 1 provides a good understanding of food hazards and food poisoning; covering contamination, personal hygiene and cleanliness in the food preparation area. It also looks at safe storage and waste disposal.

Whether you operate in Catering, Hospitality or Retail, this programme explains the hazards associated with poor food hygiene, and what to do to keep food safe. Ensure best practice and legal compliance in just 45 minutes.

Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2

This online Food Safety and Hygiene training is an in-depth course which builds on a basic knowledge of food safety in the workplace – whether in Food Manufacture, Hospitality or Retail.

As a continuation of Food Safety and Hygiene Level 1, this programme is aimed at those who are consistently required to handle various types of food in the workplace. It covers all that you need to know about food hazards and food poisoning, with clear explanations of the various ways in which food can become contaminated; personal hygiene; cleanliness in the food preparation area; safe storage; cooking; and chilling.

Once you’ve completed this e-learning course, you will finish with a Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate, proving that you understand how to handle food in the workplace. The course also looks at Food Safety Management Systems (including HACCP), record keeping and legal requirements for food premises.

For more information about these, and other Health and Safety training courses we offer please speak to one of our Health and Safety Consultants.

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